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Representative Recent Projects and Publications


Onondaga Lake Superfund Site, NY: Mr. Mauro is a consulting expert to an industrial client on the sources and contribution of PAHs, petroleum products, and other chemicals to the Onondaga Lake superfund site. The work has included directing sampling and analysis, forensic data interpretation, and development of a cost allocation formula that utilized the multi-chemical nature of the contamination (PAHs, PCBs, PCDDs/PCDFs, metals, industrial chemicals), risk assessment, and contribution of background sources.


Gowanus Canal Superfund Site, NY: Mr. Mauro was the PCB consulting expert to the Allocator for the multi-party cost allocation at the Gowanus Canal superfund site. Mr. Mauro also provided assessment of the sources and amounts of PAHs and metals in the Canal.


Passaic River Superfund Site, NJ: Mr. Mauro is a consulting expert to a confidential client on the sources and contribution of PCBs, PCDDs/PCDFs, PAHs, and metals to the Passaic River superfund site. Tasks included evaluation of historical emissions/capacity data, performed fate and transport analyses, and critically reviewed and revised the proposed allocation formulas proposed by an independent allocator.


Berry’s Creek Study Area Superfund Site, NJ: Mr. Mauro is a consulting expert to a confidential client on the sources and contribution of PCBs, metals, and other chemicals to the Berrys Creek Study Area and Ventron/Velsicol superfund site in New Jersey. Tasks have included review of PCB usage for numerous historical industrial processes and operations and their potential handling of PCBs, interpretation and mapping of potential PCB sources to sediment, and critique of an allocation formula proposed by others.


Chlorinated Solvents at a Former Textile Mill, MA: Mr. Mauro prepared a report on the nature and source of chlorinated solvents at a commercial property that used to be a textile mill. Concentrations, daughter to parent chemical ratios, stable carbon and chlorine isotopes, and groundwater modeling were used to show that a release of PCE occurred upgradient of the property and has migrated within a fairly narrow water bearing zone beneath and beyond the client’s property.


PAH Sources and Potential Ecorisk in Sediment of a Small River, MA: Mr. Mauro used forensic PAH and TPH data, pore water analysis (ASTM D 7363), and equilibrium partitioning calculations to show that impacts from a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site were limited in extent and that elevated concentrations of PAHs could remain in the bulk sediment before pore water PAH concentrations posed a risk to benthic organisms.


PCDDs/PCDFs at a Chemical Manufacturing Plant, RI: Mr. Mauro used principal components-based multivariate models to show that most of the PCDD/PCDF at a small former chemical manufacturing and barrel reconditioning site originated with a single source. The variability in the PCDD/PCDF composition remote from the identified source was caused by the influence of mixing with the ubiquitous PCDD/PCDF background in the older industrial area.

Representative Reports and Publications

“The PCB Information Manual, Volume I: Production, Uses, Characteristics, and Toxicity of PCBs, Second Edition.” EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 2016. 3002008537.


“The PCB Information Manual, Volume II: PCB Characterization, Sources and Releases, Second Edition,” EPRI Palo Alto, CA, 2015, 3002006327.


“Background Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): Re-Assessment of Statistics and Distributions.” EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 2015. 3002006800.


“Treated Wood Planted Post Study: Assessment of Leaching of Various Wood Preservatives from In-Service Wood Poles and Prevention Methods to Mitigate Leaching.” EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: May 2014. 3002002722.


“Pipeline Quality Biogas: Guidance Document for Diary Waste, Wastewater Treatment Sludge and Landfill Conversion Project,” (DTPH56-08-T-000018), GTI Report to DOT/PHMSA, 2010.


“Examination of the Sources of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Urban Background Soil,” EPRI Technical Update Report 1015558, December 2008.


“Signature Metabolites at Manufactured Gas Plant Sites: Demonstrating Natural Attenuation,” EPRI Technical Update Report 1018267, October 2008.


“Cyanide in Air Measurements During Investigation and Remediation of Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Sites,” EPRI Report 1012595, December 2006.


“Feasibility of Using In-Situ Chemical Oxidation for Wood Pole Storage Yard Remediation,” EPRI Technical Report 1013631, June 2006.

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