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PCBs in Sediment
PCDD/PCDF Forensics
MGP Forensics
Transformer Fires

Selected as a forensic expert for major industrial client. Our services included historical research and the evaluation of dozens of industrial and commercial sites including a coking plant, foundries, MGPs, auto parts, scrap yards, tank farms, landfills, POTW, urban runoff potentially contaminated with PCBs, hydrocarbons, metals, and municipal wastes. We conducted soil and sediment sampling, laboratory testing using routine and special forensic analyses, evaluated chemical transport and fate, developed a source attribution model, evaluated remediation drivers and potential alternatives and provided independent remediation cost estimates. Also, developed  and defended a cost allocation model based on chemical analyses that saved the client several million dollars.

Evaluated the risk of exposure to PCBs and combustion by-products at utility substations during transformer fires.

Provided expert witness services regarding the sources of PCDDs and PCDFs at an NPL site. Work included the interpretation of hundreds of soil, water, and sediment samples; historical review and industrial operation reconstruction;  developed PCDD/PCDF pattern bases for source discrimination; supported source attribution with multivariate analyses; and evaluated various mixing models that saved the client tens of millions of dollars in claims.

Researched historical PCB release from numerous industrial and commercial facilities and urban runoff into a nearby waterway; estimated the loads, forms, and transport and fate of PCBs over time; developed a data-driven PCB allocation approach and integrated it into a larger cost allocation model.

Selected Recent Projects

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