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Technical experts at a large NPL Site - urban waterway

Quantitative forensics, modeling and GIS mapping

  • Site Investigations

  • Remedial Planning, Oversight, Monitoring

  • Environmental Forensics and Cost Allocation

  • Sediment Characterization and Management

  • Hydrogeological Studies and Groundwater Plume Delineation

  • Site-Specific Contamination Release and Transport Studies

  • PCB Fire and Dioxin/Furan Contamination Investigations

  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment

  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

  • Laboratory Testing (soil, sediment, water, tissue)

  • Advanced Environmental Forensic Analyses (Alkylated PAHs, biomarkers, PCB congeners, Petroleum Fingerprinting)

  • Expedited Site Characterization Services

  • Remediation Treatability Studies

  • Environmental Chemistry Methods Development

Specialties and Research
  • Environmental forensics and cost allocation with special emphasis on multi-contaminated, multi-source, multi-party comlex systems sych as urban rivers, lakes, and harbors

  • Custom sampling techniques and equipment

  • Expedited site characterization, special laboratory and field analysis methods

  • Coal tar characterization, transport, fate, cleanup. Nationally recognizes experts in former manufactured gas plants, by-product coking plants, and tar refineries

  • PCB transport, fate, fires, cleanup, and analysis

  • PCDD.PCDF chemistry, sources, cleanup and analysis

  • Dielectric fluids - chemistry, transport, fate, cleanup

  • Natural attenuation planning and monitoring

  • Wood treating, chemicals - transport, fate, cleanup

  • Chemometrics, statistics, and data presentation methods


Sources of PCDDs/PCDFs

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